Mercer County Library System – New Jersey

Photo Credit: Anjali Nair

Authors: Kamala Sundar  and Rekha Vijayalakshmi 

Mercer County library system has 9 branches, and allows users to freely access all of them. The authors write about a few of these.  We welcome more users to join them.

Author: Kamala Sundar


West Windsor Branch of MCL Photo Credit: Librarything

I am a senior citizen. For the last 10 years, I have been a frequent visitor to the West Windsor branch. I have spent many comfortable hours reading several magazines and newspapers. Of  Indian origin, I am thrilled to be able to read “India Today” or one of the several Indian newspapers. Just holding the physical copies and reading the articles relaxes me. I love the book sales in the library, you never know what gems you could pick up by browsing the various tables!

My late husband practically lived in that library and knew the entire staff so well that they became family to him and of course to myself. I have never met a staff so friendly, so kind, and so willing to help. After he passed, every one at the circulation desk was so solicitous of me  and my daughter. My daughter borrows books on my behalf – those that she thinks I will be interested in reading, specially books by Indian authors, fiction or non-fiction. It was a true pleasure reading “Malgudi Days” by R.K. Narayan. I was amazed to find it at the WW Library – it was published so long ago!

Ewing Library

Ewing Branch of MCL Photo Credit: Rekha V.

I have now started to frequent the larger Ewing Public Library. It is very comfortable. The staff at the front desk always offer me the latest edition of the newspaper. I love browsing here, finding books to my taste, and then reading them in a quiet corner. A few months ago, the library hosted a book exhibition where I was thrilled to find a book that I had been looking for many years. The library also has knitting classes. I have made many friends by attending these classes, and I am truly touched by their willingness to teach me patterns and share their knowledge in this art with me.

My golden years are less lonesome because of the activities offered by the library (in addition to Ewing’s remarkable Senior Center). Both the  libraries offer me paradise on earth. 

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2 comments on “Mercer County Library System – New Jersey

  1. I agree with the authors’ sentiments. MCL’s various branches have provided a rich resource and fertile learning atmosphere. The West Windsor branch is second home to me. I love sitting there, curled up on a comfy chair, and read in the quiet cool and intellectual atmosphere with natural light pouring through the many windows. The attendant calm that comes from this exercise is priceless. The West Windsor Branch’s staff is like family. They touched my heart with their genuine inquiries about my mother’s and my well-being after my father recently passed on, remembering the many ways and many days he had perused the library’s assets, and had chatted with the staff on various topics including the philosophy of life and death (which he had lectured me on since I was about 7!). The staff at the Lawrence Branch do not “know” me but have been unfailingly polite, friendly and helpful! Kudos to MCL.

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