EXCEL Lending Library – Trivandrum, Kerala

Photo Credit: Lakshmy Sreenivas.

YoungAuthor_Logo (1)Author: Devika P. 



I can write only about the small library that I visit every week, the only library in which I have membership, other than the one at my school. So let me talk about my ‘favorite’ library – Excel Lending Library.

Books are my best friends and I can’t stay a day without them. Usually when my mom calls me to go shopping with her, I accompany her only if the library is one of the stops, ‘cos I am not into shopping. Anyway, back to books.

I remember that when I started school it was compulsory that we should read a book every week and narrate the story that we read to the whole class. At that time, we didn’t have many children’s books at home. It was my dad who took me to this library and took a membership. Since then I have been visiting this library every weekend. I can say that I have grown with the library, which had just three shelves at the time of my joining it. Now, it is still small and cute with no more than fifteen tall shelves. One advantage of the library being small is that it makes choosing your book easy!! This library is air conditioned, so if we are hot and sweaty (that’s quite often in Trivandrum), the best option for me is not ice cream, but to hang around here and borrow books. That’s one of the reasons I like to come here…just kidding!

I usually choose books from teen’s or the children’s section. I love reading tales of mystery, suspense, ghosts etc. These days I have started reading books of Veronica Roth and Becca Fitzpatrick, who I think are new authors. Each time I go to the library I try to take books by authors I have not read before.

Actually, when we read a book we don’t just go to a new world and wish we could do that or this, but we also find out a little about the author and what makes them our favorites.


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