Rundel Memorial Library- Rochester, New York

Photo Credit: Michael Sauers via Flickr under Creative Commons 

Author: Mauro Felipe (Moe)

I’m from Rochester, NY which is a little over an hour Northeast of Buffalo on Lake Ontario, as opposed to Buffalo being on Lake Erie. Rochester has always been a fairly progressive and liberal city with deep pockets when it comes to the arts and public services so I don’t think that our amazing Rundel Memorial Library is in any danger, but you never know.

 The library is a beautiful building inside and out, constructed on the Genesee River, which runs right through downtown Rochester. I’m a library fan and loved to be dropped off at Rundel for hours. That was pretty much the perfect afternoon for me when I was younger. Throughout my life I’ve always made local libraries a destination whenever I spent time in a city, and I have yet to find anything which I felt surpassed Rundel, and that includes each and every library in NYC that I visited during my 13 years of living there.


1024px-Rochester_-_Rundel_Memorial_Library_reverse Mathew D. Wilson CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo Credits: Rear of Rundel Library Mathew D. Wilson, CC BY-SA 3.0, Inside  and plaque Michael Sauers via Flickr under Creative Commons 


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