Divya Library – Abu Shagara, Sharjah

Photo Credit: Anand Anil Nair

YoungAuthor_Logo (1)Author: Anand Anil Nair Grade 7, Our Own English School



I first discovered “Divya Library”, near a small park , as I turned around a corner one day.

I knew about this library  because a brochure was left at the doorstep of my house, but when I first saw it, an ordinary place with a small glass pane to look through, I did not feel like entering it.

But something made me open the door.

From then on, the world was different for me.

I have always enjoyed reading. But,  I feel that the  libraries enhance the reading habit, raising it more than the world’s biggest ocean wave! Books can take us to the world of crime , mystery, fantasy, wars, history, comical heroes, horror, making of movies, Jews, Nazis, autobiographies, deserts and much more . The books took me inside their world and shook me up.

Divya Library, therefore, is like a shop with unlimited experiences. Even though the library is small, I get a wide variety of books- enough for  a lifetime. I read a whole bunch of books by authors Like MK Gandhi (Story of my Experiments with Truth), Eiom Colfer  (Artemis Fowl), Dan Brown (different books and also Da Vinci Code ) ,Jeffrey  Archer (different books). My favourite book is Fault in our Stars By John Green which describes the life of two cancer patients.

Through the library, I also understood the value of borrowing books rather than buying them.There are certain rules and regulations like returning the book in time and not damaging it. But that’s okay.

 I forgot how time flew during the holidays. I even forgot to watch my favourite movie! . One the best parts about Divya Library is that I  can even get  some series of books, that I can’t  get anywhere else. .

So this library is my Library of Congress.


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