Linen Hall Library – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Image: Old Linen Hall, Belfast in the site of the City Hall
Author: Annu Koshy
Linen Hall LibraryLinen Hall Library- one would miss its entrance if you are not a book lover; though it is situated in the heart of the city. I call it the  hidden gem of Belfast
The Linen Hall Library is a unique institution. It was founded in 1788 by a group of artisans as the Belfast Reading Society and in 1792 became the Belfast Society for Promoting Knowledge. The society adopted a resolution in 1795 “that the object of this Society is the collection of an extensive Library, philosophical apparatus and such products of nature and art as tend to improve the mind and excite a spirit of general enquiry”
 So it continues to do, 226 years later, to this day.

This library has an extensive collection of local history and politics in English & Irish. Many American visitors come here for researching family history. The staff  welcome all with cheerful smiles, and are kind and helpful. 
It has a traditional look both inside and outside.
Though it is only walking distance from my workplace, I am not a frequent visitor to the venerable library. But I love the local history books here. Truly an icon of Belfast!
Linen Hall Library children story timeLinen Hall Description Man Vyi
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