Pennington Public Library – Pennington , New Jersey

Pennington Public Library

Photo Credit: Unknown

Author: Chloe Stricklin

After spending the past year volunteering at the Pennington Public Library in Pennington, New Jersey, I can honestly say that it is the best library to which I have ever been. While only a fraction of the size of the Princeton Library, the Pennington Library has a plethora of fiction, nonfiction, magazines, audio books, DVDs, and children’s books. We also have a fantastic inter-library loan system; if someone wants a book that we don’t have, it’s extremely easy to acquire it from another library in our network.

The “Free Paperback” rack is perhaps my favorite part of the Pennington Library. It’s not only fun to browse, but I’ve actually found numerous books that I had previously planned to buy. The rack is stocked entirely by donations, so it’s also a great place to give books that you no longer want. 

I love watching young children come in with their own library cards, so excited to check out books to read. One little girl even asked if she could stamp them herself (which is usually my job)! With so many recreational options for kids now, it’s really great that libraries can still get them interested in reading.

If you find yourself in the area, I encourage you to stop by and enjoy this wonderful library.


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