Newark Public Library – Newark, New Jersey

Photo Credit:  Jay Nair

Author: Andrew Karlin

The Newark Public Library (NPL)  is a fantastic Beaux-Arts edifice in the downtown Historic District facing Washington Park.  Back in the days before the Internet,  this was where we went to perform school research–once we had exhausted the resources of our local library in Union.

Lobby Photo: Jay Nair

Lobby (Photo: Jay Nair)

Skylight Photo: Anjali Nair

Skylight (Photo: Anjali Nair)










I will always remember the stacks and rows of encyclopedias (encyclopediae?) and the huge public reading rooms, reminiscent of the New York Public Library.  The architecture and murals really made it a shrine to books and learning, where I made many a youthful pilgrimage.

Ceiling Photo: Anjali Nair

Ceiling (Photo: Anjali Nair)

Hallway Photo: Anjali Nair

Hallway (Photo: Anjali Nair)










Today, the library remains a focal point for the community and Essex County, inspiring a new generation of learners with a love of reading and the rewarding connection with the past that accompanies the tactile pleasure of holding a timeworn book.

 Libraries of Our Lives:

NPR3Next time you are in  New Jersey, don’t just drive by Newark  to the airport or New York or  to Boston. Stop by and see NPL.  Trust us, it will be worth your while. If you go before  August 30 2014, you  can see also view the exhibition celebrating 125 years of NPL.

Jersey boys and girls: Have you visited this gem of a library lately?


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