Poway Community Library – San Diego, California

Photo Credit: Beena Devadathan

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Poway Community library was established as 2nd branch of San Diego County on May 19, 1913. It is one of my favorite libraries in San Diego.  

PowayChildren's SectionIt is a phenomenal library for many reasons. One big reason is the prodigious variety of books. I got started in the adventure of reading at age 3, due to the marvelous children’s section. I would look at picture books, learning what the words meant as I went along. And the variety of books isn’t just in the children’s section; any subject can be found at Poway Community Library! From science to art, fiction and nonfiction, the types of books are endless. Plus, there are DVDs and audio books to rent. Anyone can easily get lost in all the items there!

Poway Community Library also has enjoyable programs. In summer, the library encourages children to read by giving rewards for a completing a certain number of books. And occasionally, there is Read Aloud Time, where adults will read to young kids, helping to create more excitement for reading. In winter, “Santa” reads aloud to the little ones.

And reading programs aren’t the only things they do. Recently they organised a “Literary essay contest” for children to write about their favorite books.  I participated,  got better writing skills, and a prize. ! 

 New books arrive often, and with all the fun programs they support, it is hard not to love reading.

The library is open for longer hours than many other libraries. 

Altogether this is an is amazing library, always encouraging people to read.

Author Profile:

Radhika Sreelal is 10 years old. This  fall she will be in 5th grade. Her interests are art, piano, writing, and, of course, reading!

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