Biblioteca di Cervignano del Friuli – Udine, Italy

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Author: Irene Kruse 

Cervignano del Friuli is a little town located in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the north-east of Italy.


The town’s library is very intimate, serving a population of only about 14 thousand people. I got acquainted with the library when I moved to Italy a few years back. It was one of the first places my school took me to, since it’s within walking distance. We would go there for projects or conferences very often and there were frequent art exhibitions.



I remember we went to see a “book reading” performance, a show organized by a little theatre troupe to inspire children and make them understand the great emotions one can get from reading a book. The library continues to present performances like these. Lots of students go there every day to study:it has a very tranquil atmosphere.

Italy Cervignanodel friuliYou can literally find most of the young university students living in the town, gathered at the library in the morning hours. This makes it also a great meeting place to catch up during a study break. It’s a very small library but that’s what gives it the charm. It has pretty much every essential thing a library needs: a huge collection of Italian books, an international section, a DVD section and a computer room. It is connected with the libraries of the surrounding towns, so in case you need to borrow a book they don’t have, they can get it to you in a few days time. It is certainly one of the most important points of interest in my little town.

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