Oakville Public Library- Oakville, Ontario

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YoungAuthor_Logo (1)Author: Siddh Rajput  



Helloooo book lovers !!!! I’m Siddh and  I live in Oakville in Ontario, Canada.

Oakville Canada I love reading books and can read for hours. My favourite library is the  Oakville Library system which has many branches across Oakville. It allows me to pick up books from any one of the 6 branches  and  drop them off at another. They have a huge variety of books for all ages. Be it alphabet books, story books, fact files, encyclopedias, history books, graphic novels, sports, biographies, culinary, religious,  motivational, or my favourite- Know your Dinosaur books or mysteries and adventures . Although my favourite part of the library is the epic and magnificent collection of books there is also a huge section devoted to movies and games that you can rent.
Every time I go to the the library I feel excited that I am surrounded by a vast ocean of books. Sometimes I take hours to pick 15 books because every book  is so good I just don’t know what to choose.

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