Library of the International School @ ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur

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YoungAuthor_Logo (1)Author: Siddh Rajput


Helloooo again book lovers !!!! I’m Siddh from Oakville in Ontario, Canada. I love reading books.

malaysiaThis fantastic library that I am writing about is from my old school – “International School@Parkcity”(ISP), which is in the township called Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I lived from 2012-2013. 

Malaysia is an island-country surrounded by the South China Sea & Straits of Malacca.  Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and  is located in Peninsular Malaysia. This beautiful country is a popular tourist destination for attractions like Langkawi Islands, Genting Highlands, Penang Beach and The Twin Towers or Petronas. 

One of my favourite places in Malaysia, though, is Taman Negara, which is the world’s oldest tropical rain forest estimated to be more than 130million years old. I went there for my very first school trip!

The other, I proudly say,  is the most amazing school I’ve ever been to- The International School@ Parkcity.  Our principal – Mr.Andrew Dalton, is the most friendly  and caring leader to all of the students. The teachers and staff are extremely friendly and warm too. The school incorporates lots of fun activities and new ways of learning. Students are always encouraged to do better and think beyond the stereotypes. Parents are involved in a very active way too !!!  While I was there we had children from 40+ different nationalities. The diversity taught us so much about different cultures, people, habits, rituals, celebrations, food, etc ; Our school celebrated every festival from across the globe by dedicating a Friday assembly to it. Each week one class performed to the theme for that week , so the entire school learnt about that festival and the country it originated from.

The library there had the most interesting variety of books that any school library could possibly have. The Library teacher -Ms Mandy and her assistant -Ms Prema were so much fun and always ready to help you find the right book . For me, the most unique part of the library was that there were large throw rugs, sofas and cushions where we could curl up and read.  So it felt like we were home – reading cozily.

There were also events like :
Hot chocolate Day – A day where you could relax, read, watch movies and most of all – drink hot chocolate;
Dress up as your favourite book character day  – A school day when we’d  have this amazing parade at the start of school where students, teachers, and parents would dress as book characters. We’d have awesome activities themed around books the entire day;
Reading Buddy Day  – When we’d read to kids from lower grades and be read to by kids from higher grades;
Pick a Book Day – when each kid picks a book from a set of selected titles. We were then  grouped depending on the book rather than the grade or section we were from. We’d take part in activities revolving around that book for the whole day.
Read-a-thon – when we’d collect donations for every book we read in that week, to contribute to a charity and so on.

Each week – some of us would earn the “Library Star of the Week” certificate. We could visit our library before and after school, and during break times.

Another amazing feature was our online student log-ins. We could block books to pick the next day; write reviews and recommend books to our friends . Every review was first read by Ms.Mandy, then put up on the blog if she found it apt.

Library time was never more fun than at ISP !!!!  I wish every school had a library like that 🙂

Malaysia KL

Twin Towers (Petronas) Photo Credit: Khyati Rajput


Also by Siddh Rajput: Oakville Public Library, Ontario, Canada


One comment on “Library of the International School @ ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Great intiatives and a good write up. A library is always about the user, and whatever facilities are provided, if it does not manage to enthuse the user, everything is in vain. Great to hear the enthusiasm in Siddh’s writing.

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