Quilon Public Library and Research Centre – Kollam, Kerala

 Photo Credit:  Google Images, shared by Sujai G Pillai

Author: Sujai G. Pillai

My passion for libraries started from the time I spent in my school  and village libraries with my friend Tijay. I felt a sense of  community and togetherness in our village library even though it had only few books. During festivals, (Onam and  Xmas) we used to arrange cultural events and  sports meets at the library.

Kollam, Kerala, S. India

Kollam, Kerala, S. India

It was during my college days that I encountered  and was impressed by the Kollam Public Library ( a.k.a. The Quilon public library & research center) . It is nearly 30 KM  away from my home, situated in the middle of Kollam town, near the railway station. The wood paneled interior, the hardwood staircase of teak and the antique furniture lend a majestic feel to the library – I felt like I was in a big palace. I loved the dusty smell of old books.  Reading those books was like talking to some great ancestors who were happy to see me. I spent a lot of time in this favourite “museum” of mine, among the reference books and journals.

This Library  has  a huge collection of books but a majority  of the readers utilize it for career  search, orientation and development. So one would, at anytime, find lots of  young people preparing for  the civil service examinations ( such as Indian Administrative Service) , for bank tests  and staff selection examinations.
Senior citizens too patronize the library and enjoy the communal spaces inside and outside. where people  gather to read and discuss. A separate children’s wing attracts young readers. 
Literary events for the public are held in the  auditorium and in the smaller halls attached to the library.  As a bow to digital  times, the Kollam Library provides access to the internet via a single terminal  for Rs. 15/ hour, and allows users to take print outs.

I don’t use the library any more, since I moved out of Kollam.

Note from Libraries of Our Lives : Sujai is the driving force behind the One Library Per Village (OPLV) Project (https://www.facebook.com/olpv.org) and the trendy #BookBucketChallenge .


One comment on “Quilon Public Library and Research Centre – Kollam, Kerala

  1. innu kaanunnna sopanam, athile oro brickinum enne nannayi ariyam. kaaranam ella kaaryathilum ente involvement undayirunnath pole, oro brick njan noki anuvaadam kodukkathe vachu kettiyittilla. njan ente jeevitham 12 year avide chilavazhichu. staff aayitum, swantham prasthaanam enna nilailum. pakshe angeekarikkapedathe poyi.


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