Loyola High School Library – Pune, Maharashtra

Photo Credit: Ankith Nair

Author: Ankith Nair

Loyola High School and Junior College, is a Jesuit school situated in Pashan, Pune, India. It was founded in 1961. 

Credit: Ankith Nair

Credit: Ankith Nair

This school’s library was the first one that I ever visited. I was a regular  at  the library, right from my primary school days. I still remember those days when we used to have our library period every Wednesday and Friday; it used to be a one hour period. On our first day we were given strict instructions of how library books should be handled, how the pages should be flipped and most importantly the silence that we had to maintain in the library. I also recall that we used to have a blue color library card, which was very important as we couldn’t be issued a book without that card.

 I owe my hobby of reading to this library. It initially started with books like Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Matilda to the Harry Potter series and then moved to much more. Most of my lunch breaks too were spent in the library as the two hours of the week given to us by the school, were never enough! I was the library monitor of my class and it used to be my responsibility to collect the books issued to my classmates on every Wednesday.

Ankith Nair

Credit : Ankith Nair

Credit: Ankith Nair

Credit: Ankith Nair

Our librarian Mrs. Chacko was very encouraging, and used to issue more than one book at a time even though the library rules allowed only one. It feel great that even now, when I visit my school library, nothing has changed – our peon kaka sits at the door to check the library cards and Mrs.Chacko is at her table ready to stamp books.


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