Qaumee Kuthubukhaanaa – The National Library of The Maldives

Photo Credit: RUSHDI’SNAPS


Author: Rajeev Soman

Photo Credit: OCHA

Photo Credit: OCHA

This is the national library of the Maldives located in the capital city Male’. Efficiently run, the library has a good collection of books in English, both in the lending section and the reference section. The books available to borrow include both fiction and non fiction. Fee is nominal and upto 3 Books can be taken out for 21 days.

The atmosphere resembles the reference section of the British Library in Trivandrum. Everything is well maintained and computerized. The library has an excellent collection of guidebooks not just about Maldives but of places all over the world, including some very old editions which for a travel buff like me was very useful.

One thing I really appreciate about the library is that the library accepts book donations from the public as long as the items are relevant to the library’s development policy. This is actually a very positive thing in my opinion especially in a country like Maldives  where a lot of expatriates work. Many book lovers would hate to discard their  well loved books at the time of leaving the country yet  would otherwise be forced to do so because of airline baggage regulations that  are more stringent by the day . These book donations are maintained very well with an acknowledgment stamped on the book giving details about the donor. A very welcome initiative, in my opinion. Continue reading